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27 February 2014 @ 09:31 pm
Of Idols and Vampires  
How did you enjoy last night's first Top 13 live show on Idol? In terms of energy and song choice, it was hands down a million times better than S9 and last year. As always, I found Alex, Sam, Emily, Majesty and Caleb intriguing and can't wait to see what they do next.

I finally got to watch Vampire Academy at the cinema today. It has "cult classic" written all over it in my book. NEVER mistake this as Twilight, 'cause Vampire Academy very much promotes girl power with its badass female leads. Its main theme revolves around friendship and loyalty, which are lacking in a lot of today's YA fictions.

Having read all 6 books, I applaud the series' intelligence, thought-provoking story lines and commitment to female empowerment. Bonus points for throwing shade at Twilight in several movie scenes!

Zoey Deutch is a super fiery actress, and with the director of Mean Girls on board, you can never go wrong with this!

Tomorrow I'll be going on another cinema trip with my BFF Cindy for Winter's Tale :)

Current Mood: awake