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17 December 2013 @ 08:48 pm
Countdown to #IdolXIII  
At last! The countdown to #Idol2013 officially begins! In less than a month, we will be witnessing a brand new era in American Idol history as the new producers from the ever popular Swedish Idol are making their debut Stateside. If you've been following the promos and early press reviews, you'd know this would at least beat the horrendous Season 12.

They're going back to finding a "superstar", which I find realistic, 'cause looks and charisma do count in the music biz instead of just a good voice.

Here are all the changes these new execs are promising us:

  • Results shows will be cut down to 30 minutes to save us all the unnecessary fillers

  • The BOYS and GIRLS are competing together in Hollywood (unlike Season 12), so there will be no gender discrimination

  • Audition and Hollywood episodes will be shortened so we can get to the Live Shows fast (good move! no need for the show to drag on too long when they already know which singers they're gonna "cast" after the 1st auditions)

  • Songs older than 20 years are banned in Hollywood. I heart retro tunes but this is really smart 'cause the best way to promote these new singers to record labels is to see how they stack up against current and recent artists, not legends from decades past. Besides, there are zillions of noteworthy songs from 1993-2013 that are worth covering.

My proposal: I only have one. Can we just have 2 winners (1 male and 1 female) like So You Think You Can Dance? Honestly, I'm SICK of people saying one gender deserves it more than the other. Just let the best guy and girl take the crown and end the gender war <3

Hollywood Round is being filmed this week, but judging from the spoilers on www.idolforums.com, these two SXIII talents (one returning girl) are my favorites so far :)

(My only favorite gal in Season 12 - Excited she's back now!)

(You're gonna hear a lot about him - he's already getting early mentions on the press. I've been liking his covers way before I knew about his Idol audition so this is awesome).
paparoy on January 3rd, 2014 04:27 am (UTC)
Sam Woolf, Vocalist
Hello Jules,

I compliment you on your very perception musical taste. Sam is my grandson and I am his "Aging Agent". Sam is 17 and I 60 years his senior, but I get no respect (sic). Sams' passion in life is his music and if he's not writing songs he is singing them or playing guitar (self taught). His first 6 songs when he was 13 reflected some family difficulties he experience and help him vent his emotion.


Papa Roy