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29 May 2014 @ 09:47 am
Ah, summer...

The sun-kissed days of wine, pancake and tasty frappuccino are back to greet us all. Where will you be? If things go according to plan, I'll be vacationing in Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris and Rome (where I look forward to meeting my Halien friend @FraLuvsHaleyAmy after our failed plan to meet each other back in LA). Decisions will be made next week so I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Guitar class has brought back the passion of music-making. With the help of my mentor Tony, I've been picking up new chords that were unfamiliar to me before I signed up. I've also learned to play 4 songs in their entirety, including:

  1. "Let It Go" (Demi Lovato)

  2. "Rolling in the Deep" (Adele)

  3. "Seven Impossible Days" (Mr. Big)

  4. "This Love" (Maroon 5)

Pretty jammin' if you ask me!

After all the films I've seen this year (Divergent, American Hustle, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Veronica Mars movie and The Other Woman) I now look forward to the premiere of Maleficent with the wickedly spectacular Angelina Jolie and the Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco starring the classy Nicole Kidman as the Hollywood movie star turned Monaco queen. I know it's been playing all over Europe but I can't wait for the day it opens here. My friend on_the_ground must also be anticipating it over there in Spain.

I see that people have started to get the perks they signed up for as part of Haley's new music video campaign, so I'm excited for my new Haley photo to arrive... along with her autograph ;) "Show Me Your Moves" must be one catchy tune!

Searching for a fun, delicious summer read? Look no further than The Espressologist by Kristina Springer.
If Jane Austen's Emma is your cup of tea, this modern interpretation of the classic in the world of charming young baristas is highly recommended! Don't forget your favorite coffee, latte and hot chocolate.

Coming up this Sunday: my cousin's guitar concert. So thrilled to support her very first debut.
27 April 2014 @ 09:56 pm
And this is why Angie Miller and her "Dream Big" slogan still reigns today!

I had the privilege of watching Angie's mini showcase at the uberpopular mall Gandaria City in Jakarta this past weekend, and it was a super chill acoustic night with 10 fab songs from her. The free concert was arranged by FOX and Star World - the channel that airs American Idol here - to promote the show and Angie herself. Given her immense popularity, it's no surprise she's the non-winner from her season to have been given the opportunity to perform after S10's Haley Reinhart last year. Not to mention her style of music is what's big around here so everything makes sense.

The Piazza venue on the ground floor was packed with hardcore Dreamers everywhere, and Angie seemed to have the time of her life onstage, as you can see from the videos below. We were a loud crowd and she LOVED it. She was surrounded by Starbucks and pizza restaurants throughout her performances. I can tell our city left a thrilling impression on her by her constant tweets about it and the fact that she told us that we were the best city she has been to so far on her international tour. Proof: she spent more than a week here and even vacationed in Bali (we were her last stop before she headed back for Boston).

Angie's set list included the following tunes:

* "Titanium"
* "Diamonds"
* "Put It On Me"
* "Roar" ~ special duet with her opening act, newcomer Teza Sumendra
* "I Can't Make You Love Me"
* "Who You Are"
* "Radioactive"
* "Halo"
* "You Set Me Free"

Angie Promo

Intro - Titanium

Angie Greets her Dreamers


Put It On Me

Roar (feat. Teza Sumendra)


Angie Says "I Love Y'all" in Indonesian
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18 April 2014 @ 09:11 pm
Last weekend, he finally apologized via DM (read my last LJ post for the full story). It seemed like he meant every word. I did give it a day before I lectured him on how to treat ladies though. We are back to talking every day, but there are times when I wonder if what happened the other week was just a normal fight or abuse. Any thoughts? I do hope it was just a normal fight. Otherwise, I'm going to have to think twice about dating him in the (near) future or even meet him in person. This was a snippet of his attempt at apologizing.

To everyone who have stood by me all this time, thank you so much <3


Tomorrow I will be off to watch Angie Miller's mini showcase at the same mall Queen Haley Reinhart performed at last year :) Once again, it was a free concert so yay for that! My Halien friend Zia will be coming along. I did not win the Meet & Greet tickets but given I'm not a big Angie supporter, it's more fair that the opportunity is given to the hardcore Dreamers. I'm totally fine with just the show alone 'cause I'll be dining with another friend afterwards (she will also be watching with us).

Anyway, I'm excited! :D
Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 4.39.26 PM
Being the cheerful gal I normally am, I'm sorry in advance for starting this post on a gloomy note. I've always been the chill person in my group of friends so drama is something I rarely deal with, which is why I'm having trouble with this nightmarish event that ruined my friendship with someone. The same guy I've been exchanging DMs with every single day for a year to be specific. The same guy who told me I'm pretty/kindhearted/talented/selfless, who valued our friendship the most out of everyone else he talked with and the one who wanted to hang with me when I'm back in the States.

Long story short, he fired me cold tweets just for asking him not to tag an American Idol contestant in a negative tweet. Of course, people are entitled to their opinion and they can mock a public figure all they want but do they really have to tag the person? I only said what he did was disrespectful and came close to being a bullying act and did not even call him a prick, hater or a d-bag. Some mutual friends saw our tweets though and jumped at him for the way he responded to me. They were really extreme, so it must've ticked him off and he ended up telling them off, including me.

This next part was really a mistake that I shouldn't have made but did anyway at that time, mainly out of frustration that he insulted my intelligence as a woman when he asked me to look up the dictionary on what 'bullying' means earlier on. I took it to Facebook and ended up deleting my post hours later after realizing where I went wrong (although what I wrote was mostly Sam-related and how I got bullied for sticking up for him). But it was too late 'cause the guy saw what I posted and called me bossy AND hypersensitive (no one has ever labeled me *bossy* in all 25 years of my life) - some of my Halien friends were shouting hate his way.

He tweeted the next day about unfollowing me for all this. BAM! It really hit me hard that he was gonna cut our friendship and delete me from existence that very second. I can't let that happen. So I called him out on his childish move for not wanting to work things out and said both of us were in the wrong. He refollowed me a few minutes later and admitted he was silly for letting our friendship end like that. All stressed out, he said he didn't want things to escalate like this and apologized for hurting my feelings in the first place but still blamed me for all my snarky tweets. I told him I had a concert to focus on so he better let it go. The last tweet he sent me was: "Okay. Hope you have a good show".

It's funny how best friends can turn into strangers over the course of one day. He never tweeted or DMed me this week while all we did in the last 12 months was spending one-fourth of our days DMing each other talking about anything and everything and just figuring each other out. A mutual friend of ours reached out to him for me though, and he told her he's still willing to resume our friendship and actually regretted the way he responded to me. He's gonna DM me this weekend or next week so I'll just have to wait. And I did learn my lesson to be careful next time. But...

...there's still one thing left unanswered for me: how could he abandon me just 'cause of an issue, even if everything was my fault? Is it wrong for a girl to speak her mind? No friendship isn't perfect right? If I am to be betrayed, I'd rather be betrayed by a friend instead of a stranger 'cause our friendship can give us a strong foundation to fix whatever is broken and make things right once again. Never have I ever deleted a friend's number just 'cause we had a huge fight. I've almost never dealt with friend dramas back in HS. This is probably my first big one. But this guy seems to be the type who'd run away from problems. He already did look like it when he told me about all the ex-GFs who hurt him, including one who faked her identity to play tricks on him.

Honestly, even with all my friends' support (both online and in real life), all this drama made me question myself: am I good, bad or just human? It feels like I don't even know myself anymore. I would like for him to not judge me based on my actions that awful night but really, there's nothing I can do but have faith that things are gonna turn around eventually :(

I guess I'll just have to take Goddess Haley Reinhart's advice when it comes to facing this situation (yes, I kinda did tweet her about it because I was really, really down and still am): "Hang in dare me lady"...

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 8.54.07 PM

On a more positive note, I finally got to watch Divergent with a friend slash former keyboard mentor yesterday and found it to be another impactful dystopian film like The Hunger Games series.
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03 April 2014 @ 10:11 am
So excited to be given the opportunity to play @ the Mall of Indonesia this coming Sunday. It's a free show so if you happen to be in the area, come on over for a music-filled Sunday noon with me and my other musician friends :)

I will be performing my original tune "She's a Witch" from my EP Limitless City + a cover of my fave Carrie Underwood hit.

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27 February 2014 @ 09:31 pm
How did you enjoy last night's first Top 13 live show on Idol? In terms of energy and song choice, it was hands down a million times better than S9 and last year. As always, I found Alex, Sam, Emily, Majesty and Caleb intriguing and can't wait to see what they do next.

I finally got to watch Vampire Academy at the cinema today. It has "cult classic" written all over it in my book. NEVER mistake this as Twilight, 'cause Vampire Academy very much promotes girl power with its badass female leads. Its main theme revolves around friendship and loyalty, which are lacking in a lot of today's YA fictions.

Having read all 6 books, I applaud the series' intelligence, thought-provoking story lines and commitment to female empowerment. Bonus points for throwing shade at Twilight in several movie scenes!

Zoey Deutch is a super fiery actress, and with the director of Mean Girls on board, you can never go wrong with this!

Tomorrow I'll be going on another cinema trip with my BFF Cindy for Winter's Tale :)

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23 February 2014 @ 09:52 pm
After a fast-paced audition process and an extremely brutal twist during Rush Week (a.k.a. semifinal from hell), American Idol XIII has finally given us our new Top 13. While there are a couple names I'm not too fond of, I still find this group enjoyable, especially compared to last year's disaster. Gonna be rooting for Sam Woolf (who I have been supporting for a year on Youtube before he decided to audition for the show), jazz-influenced artist Alex Preston, my fellow Halien Emily Piriz and the uniquely refreshing Majesty Rose. I'd add rocker Caleb to the list as well, 'cause he's super fun! Also, he's got everything I wanted in a male finalist in a very long time. The dude just rocks ;)

Now here's something that I've been meaning to share with my LJ friends. Romance doesn't usually seem to be on the menu as far as my life is concerned. But I do wonder if this could be the beginning of something wonderful for me AND I need your help/input/advice :)

There's this brown-haired guy from NYC in his late 20s who I've been friends with on Twitter for a year. A mutual friend from the Idol fandom introduced us 'cause she knew we'd get along well. Turns out this guy and I really do have a lot in common, and even if we have a light argument, it never turns into a big fight - we would always find a way to understand and respect each other's opinion. Basically, we've been talking every single day about anything and everything since we met (we've also flirted for a bit). By the way, he's also a Cancer and only child like me, shares the same faith and is an aspiring writer. Plus he supports my music and has checked out my videos and works.

All this time, we've been tweeting & DMing each other about our favorite things from TV shows to pop culture icons and, of course, Idol. We mainly have the same Idol friends on Twitter. But a couple months back, he got personal with me. He's a very shy person in real life so he only shares deep convos with a couple friends he really feels comfortable with. Recently, he's been trusting me with his darkest secrets 'cause he said he trusts me the most. Also, he has slipped in a number of complimentary DMs that, when added up, seem like little hints that he's interested in me. But I'm not sure if they mean anything. So can anyone help this girl out? LOL These are some of the things he has told me:

  • "You shouldn't have to diet to please a guy. I like you for who you are :)" - in response to my DM that I won't ever diet to make a guy happy like some friends would

  • "You're my kinda girl. Intelligent, pretty, funny, and kind hearted."

  • "I'll be thinking of you"

  • "I'm glad you refuse to let guys judge you based on your appearance. You happen to be very pretty though :)"

  • "You definitely have gorgeous looks, but I like you for who you are"

  • "I really want to meet you when you come back to the States. I find many girls to be shallow and vapid, glad you're different."

  • "I'd def. talk to you in real life. I feel comfortable that we get along really well. We'd have a lot to talk about :)" - I told him I hope he'd talk to me in real life, even though he said he's very shy around people, and that was his answer to me.

Well, I talked about this with the friend who first introduced us. Being the romantic that she is, she said there's a possibility he might be into me. She really thinks we have a connection that's real, and another mutual friend who has witnessed our tweets also gave me the same opinion.

Around last week, one of them directly messaged the guy on FB: "Do you think you and Jules will be more than friends when she returns to the States? The best relationships come out of friendships. Either way, I'm glad to have introduced you both. I just want to see my friends happy."

This was his answer: "Jules and I do have a good friendship. I'd be open to a relationship with Jules. Anything is possible :)"

So what do you think? Is there a *chance* this guy could be right for me? Thanks in advance for your comments. <3

NB. I've never paid much attention to him when we first met, but now I notice he kinda fits the criteria I want in a dream guy... Dark brown hair, Italian heritage, a New York gentleman, deep thinker, sensitive, romantic, creative, a kind soul, loves his parents.
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17 December 2013 @ 08:48 pm
At last! The countdown to #Idol2013 officially begins! In less than a month, we will be witnessing a brand new era in American Idol history as the new producers from the ever popular Swedish Idol are making their debut Stateside. If you've been following the promos and early press reviews, you'd know this would at least beat the horrendous Season 12.

They're going back to finding a "superstar", which I find realistic, 'cause looks and charisma do count in the music biz instead of just a good voice.

Here are all the changes these new execs are promising us:

  • Results shows will be cut down to 30 minutes to save us all the unnecessary fillers

  • The BOYS and GIRLS are competing together in Hollywood (unlike Season 12), so there will be no gender discrimination

  • Audition and Hollywood episodes will be shortened so we can get to the Live Shows fast (good move! no need for the show to drag on too long when they already know which singers they're gonna "cast" after the 1st auditions)

  • Songs older than 20 years are banned in Hollywood. I heart retro tunes but this is really smart 'cause the best way to promote these new singers to record labels is to see how they stack up against current and recent artists, not legends from decades past. Besides, there are zillions of noteworthy songs from 1993-2013 that are worth covering.

My proposal: I only have one. Can we just have 2 winners (1 male and 1 female) like So You Think You Can Dance? Honestly, I'm SICK of people saying one gender deserves it more than the other. Just let the best guy and girl take the crown and end the gender war <3

Hollywood Round is being filmed this week, but judging from the spoilers on, these two SXIII talents (one returning girl) are my favorites so far :)

(My only favorite gal in Season 12 - Excited she's back now!)

(You're gonna hear a lot about him - he's already getting early mentions on the press. I've been liking his covers way before I knew about his Idol audition so this is awesome).

Troopers, be jolly! :) American Idol Season 12 9th placer Paul Jolley is now signed to Century Music Group (CMG).
It's a Nashville-based indie label.

His holiday single "Happy Christmas" (a cover of the John Lennon classic) can be purchased on his official site or here at BandCamp (iTunes coming up this week):

Yes, his talent was very underappreciated during his Idol run, but Paul will officially be the first alumni from his season to release an EP/record. "Healed" is set to launch on January 28 2014, which also happens to be his birthday.

Could he be a surprise breakout star? I hope so. He's currently shooting the music video for his single with CMG.




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10 July 2013 @ 08:57 pm
So my dear friend from Spain on_the_ground surprised me with an early birthday gift package last week. The lovely card she created had a super-adorable picture of Ms. Reinhart and Mr. Jolley, as we are both Haliens and Troopers. I posted it on my Instagram not knowing that Paul himself would Like and comment on it. Shindig! :)

You all should see Carmina's wonderful work below. <3

Ever since my Trooper journey started in late February, I've noticed that Paul has always favorited one or more of my tweets every single week and even responded to me a number of times, like what just happened a few hours ago. It's such a cool feeling when the person we're inspired by actually takes the time to interact with us, even if we don't expect it. This guy really treats his supporters well and is truly committed to making music that matters, so for that, I will always stand by him and his career. Hopefully he will be one of the breakout acts on this summer's American Idol tour so there will be lots of positive media coverage that can help him get noticed once it's all over. He deserves it.

Never have I expected the CW to pick up a historical drama series for its Fall debut. It doesn't look like the type of show the network would want to see succeeding. Still, I'm willing to give Reign a shot. It probably will never achieve the same quality as The Tudors, but its main storyline about the rise of Queen Mary of Scots is enough to get me interested. Again, I really don't know how the CW will handle this, considering it's widely recognized for airing chic shows, and Reign just doesn't seem like it will attract the network's core demographics. But I'm really curious to see how they'll promote it. Hopefully, it'll be one of the new shows that get the royal treatment, because the early trailers did show potential.

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